First of all; i open a new window - (with 1080x540 pixel)then i open my Demo-image.jpg in this newly created window - Question: should i drop in this Demo-image.jpg as a new layer or as a new picture. the streaks are remaining within the text. I usually can recover some if I open them with paint, but I find this ridiculous. The Scale Tool is used to scale layers, selections or paths (the Object). I keep trying to scale an image down in GIMP but it just crops the image instead. 1. Step 2: Click on the Flip tool present in the toolbox. GIMP :: Dot Button Beside Scale That Auto Sets Scale Back To Default? I haven't changed the xorg.conf file in several months. This appears to be the only box having this problem, right now.Ubuntu 12Gimp 2.8.10. I also deleted the ~/.gimp*directory in the hope that regenerating the config would fix the problem, but no.No matter what I do, I can't make the Gimp recognize the mouse in the image window. Think of the following help section as a cheat sheet for troubleshooting your GIMP tool problems quickly. This is probably caused by one of two things.1. Paint Shop Pro :: Eraser Tool Not Working Correctly X5? I'm working on a simple project consisting of several colored horizontal bars with text in them. The odd thing is it is a single layer image. I typed text in the first bar, then created a new layer, changed the font size, and started typing text in the second bar. Illustrator :: The Pencil Tool Is Not Working Correctly - Strokes Disappears Completely, GIMP :: GNU Image Manipulation Program Stopped Working Correctly. After pasting in a PNG, and it's made into a Floating Selection layer, she wanted to scale it down using the Scale tool. It says not to edit but of course you can. AutoCAD Map 3D :: Offset Not Working Correctly, Photoshop :: Quickmask Not Working Correctly, Photoshop :: Wind Filter Not Working Correctly - CS5. On a polyline with a 0d04'00" deflection, offset works correctly. What's the difference? This will usually open your Tool Options as a new tab in the Layers, Channels, Paths, Undo History section (the 4th main area described earlier – pointed out with the red arrow in the image above). The whole job has to print two colors. Major headache. What's the difference? Then I closed it, it didn't ask me if i wanted to save the "changes" I just made.The smudge tool does not have an circular with an line across it saying I cant use it. This version of GIMP is equipped with a wealth of new features, including some highly requested ones. Once selected, I can see in the dialog box . What GIMP Is Best Used For. just want to scale an image. But, it is a lot of extra steps to get the blur to go further than the Blur Tool allows.It would be nice to have a blur radius setting in the Blur Tool's control window. How can I scale several layers (objects) together? I realize that I can always enter the scaling amount in the Channel or Attribute box field, but it may be that I'm trying to visually scale something and entering numbers isn't exactly the best way. Deselecting Everything. How do I get it to fit? Maya Modeling :: Why Does Scale Tool Not Working Right. GIMP would be the ideal … Now i try to scale down the Demo-image.jpg. It seems like it is faded and not erasing like it should. is it possible to make the 'keep aspect' option in the scale tool checked by default? Step 1: Launch GIMP and open the image that you want to flip. Is there any way I can scale images down in size, whilst keeping the quality of the image? Scale tool in my illustrator is not worrking. I'd like to make the image smaller without it becoming blurry. I have a problem exporting a file to TIFF format as the text spacing becomes "corrupted".The text is just a simple text block, pick any font you want (i.e. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it. The edge? I am running Photoshop CS5, and when I am use cmd-0 (fir to screen) the window reduces to the tiniest speck. So she clicked and dragged till she got the right size, but upon clicking on Scale (in the little dialog that pops up with the Scale tool), the dialog box … I realise I’m probably explaining this incredibly poorly, but now when I complete the path instead of the boundary of the path turning to a dashed line it just stays as a solid line, until I click on eclipse select tool … Then, I proceed to open my drawing, execute the insert block command and select the Block-drawing. When I'm editing pix, and need a quick large solid brush for a couple seconds, (1-inch dia), I slide "scale", but it's nearly impossible to manually rest scale back to default without restarting Gimp...Can there be a dot-button beside scale that auto-sets scale back to default..? Make sure the resolution is set to 300 ppi. - The Sale TOOL scales only the thing (art/photo) or layer selected. Then i can see some values; height and width - What now happens is totally misterious: Whatever i do:a. playing with the numbers (/height or width)b. taking the demo-image.jpg with the "mouse" and tryin to scale "manually by shifting the edges...All i do - it has no effect. It also doesn't work if I manually drag the image to size. A Scale Layer dialog will appear, where you can resize the image by changing the values. I want to scale down a set of 125 images. is there any way to make the 'keep aspect' option on by default so when I start up Gimp I don't have to constantly scale it wrong or having to always need to lock the proportions? Here is what I was doing and what is not working now. I would expect when chosing the scale 1:500 it would precisely fit on my paper, as 144000/500=288 and the longest side of an A4 paper is 297.But somehow, when chosing the scale, things get seriously messed up... My drawing is no longer recognizable at all as it is zoomed in way to far... Also, when watching youtube video's about lay-out, I always see a little toolbar under the main frame (the one where your title stands) saying things like new viewport and page setup. Not to mention. How can I scale a selection fast and easy within a python-script, so fast as I would do within the Gimp-interface: Toolbox->Scale->set Transformation to Selection->scale the selection and ready...First I have triedsel = pdb.gimp_selection_save(myImg)pdb.gimp_item_transform_scale(sel,...)pdb.gimp_image_select_item(myImg,0,sel)But it takes some seconds! CorelDRAW X5 :: Export Doesn't Scale / Space Text Correctly, AutoCAD .NET :: Proper Way To Scale A Table / ScaleFactors Doesn't Work. guess that this is pretty important. To download a build: Go to the Jobs section. (using CS5). The Scale tool from the toolbox behaves differently from Image>Scale Image.