I looked in the trouble shooting section and found that I can actually turn the speakers off or set which size of speakers are being used or there is even a setting for OEM for optimal use. But when you turn the balance all the way to the left, the music sounds normal. If your head unit isn’t what’s actually powering your speakers, your vehicle may have an OEM amplifier that’s faulting and you may need to replace it. Or what else could be wrong? If I reset the radio with the car on then it work better, but once I turn the car off again, the problem persists. Last year, the car didn’t want to start, so I replaced the battery. I have just installed an aftermarket head unit in my wife’s 2001 vectra and now the power windows and mirrors do not work or the computer display on the dash. before this happened everytime i was driving over a bump and my sub would make a random whoof kind of sound Trying to avoid spending too much for a part that wasnt the problem. When you shift the balance to the right, the feedback problem returns. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I just installed a Kenwood DPX 501 after market stereo on my 03 toyota 4runner. You can barely tap it and it goes back up. I’m having a 4 channel amp connected to 2 rear speakers and 1 subwoofer each one is running on its own channel, the rear speakers on channels 1 and 2, and the subwoofer is split on channels 3 and 4. when my I press my hooter channels 1 and 2 goes out and 3 and 4 stays on. I was hoping you could give me a better idea of what kind of wiring and where it might have burned out? I recently installed my front door speakers but when I took the old ones out, they were melted. Answer: Check the circuit connections. Hi All, I’m having problem with my car stereo, its actually a screen. Hope this helps. If it's good, check the charging system circuit tested. d) Check your battery yourself, or take it to your local auto parts store. Sounds like you either have the wrong harness because the yellow wire is constant B and it sounds like it is grounding out and blowing the fuse. Can you give me some pointers, please? i loose my presets and all the radio settings every time the car is shut off. Although curing headlight dim is far down on the list for a Capacitor’s use, a capacitor might be the solution to your problem. Turn on all electrical accessories like A/C, blower motor, headlights, defroster, wipers. Can you tell me where to purchase a SIM card for the smart car? Constant will always be 12v, whether or not your car is on. Thought it was fixed but now the battery is dead and won’t recharge. Do the test #5 in section II. There should be a list of fuses and their description in the vehicle’s owners manual. I. Yellows other red) but it only works when they are all connected, and it won’t turn off until I disconnect the wires. When the engine is stared or ON the player goes OFF as long as the engine is on. Sometimes the buttons will work and not the volume knob, sometimes nothing will work, sometimes everything will work. Whats my next step. I have checked the constant and I’m getting 12.4 to 12.5 volts driving and not driving. The noise may come from a pulley, making the belt loose. Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray/White There is no amplifier in my car, so should I leave the “blue & White wire” unconnected? When I turn the switch back on, the stereo will not come back on. There always was chopping, wiring and a fair amount of brain surgery. Example. Occasionally cylinder 7 and 8 are too lean. I simply took the head unit out and unplugged it and it started playing music again. amplifier, and the other amp to your sub-woofer(s), separately but run from same head unit’s RCA jacks as audio signalling! I would love other people's two cents on these. I was going to just order a new head unit, but I’m hoping it’s a less expensive fix. Take a look at the connections at the back of the alternator, especially the B+ connector. i have to unplug the deck and plug it back in and it works fine again. Question: I have a Toyota Yaris sedan 2014 connected with an OBD 2 using torque pro to monitor. Before replacing the alternator, you can take the alternator to a local auto parts store and have them check it for you. Any advice on how to get rid of the alternator noise and constant buzzing? my clock, interior lights, and odometer keep resetting every time i turn the car off also. Dan Ferrell (author) on February 10, 2020: There could be a problem with the voltage regulator. At home, with the transmission in Neutral or Park, increase engine speed to the same rpm and see if the light comes on. But be very careful around moving parts while you do this test. The replacement alternator shows that it went bad and that I replaced it with the second one, now it went down. My head unit is only 6 mo. I’ve tried resetting the radio, redoing the Bluetooth, tried different Bluetooth phones, to no avail. It turned on right away and everything works fine on it but then i park my truck for the night and when i get into it in the morning and i turn my truck on the deck wont come on. It will have right around 12v when you turn the ignition. Everything powers up and works great until I turn the car or accessory off. I have been charging it and it still holding battery, so it’s driving me crazy as to why is not working. How can I check the alternator? I’m having a problam with the after market sterio system i installed yesterday. I have a 2010 chevy silverado 1500 and i just installed a boss double din touchscreen deck. Why does the light come on and not go out? Tan please let me know if any one have any idea. If necessary, have the alternator checked. Consult your car owner's manual or vehicle repair manual to locate the fuse, if necessary. what can i do to reset this? Hello, I’m having an issue with my car stereo. Navigation Through Apple CarPlay™. I wired it all up according to color codes but when I got done I started my car and then it died after 2 seconds when my stereo turned on. Did they tell you how the alternator failed exactly? Answer: You need to make sure the alternator is suited for your application. When I put in my new deck if I turn the volume up at all there’s only fait noise and a lot of cutting out but the sub still hits. I have a funny problem with my car player, it is a 2012 kia carens with company fitted car/cd player. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer and of course I’m installing a stereo. If you do not have power, and you know for a fact your wiring is correct, check the fuses under the dash or under the hood (depending on your vehicle). I’ve changed the battery and the alternator. After reading these post , it seems the previous owner may have hooked the radio up to a constant hot and somehow tied it into the interior lights, headlights, and possibly ignition switch. I need to understand why the alight is not on when the alternator is not charging? I know the monsoon amp has way to many wires to switch with my factory mono amp but can I just switch the deck. Also the amp should have a light that’s blinking in a particular pattern or color that will be described in the manual for what safety mode it is in. Make sure the pulleys are correctly aligned, and the alternator is properly mounted without rust accumulation, especially the ground connections, including engine and battery grounds. Answer: Make sure the harness clip or connector is not damaged or broken. Add a temporary ground connection from the battery to the chassis. And the most annoying is that i have to reset the unit every time to be able to get sound. So last night it did it again, so for the time being it is working. My issue is that the display illumination is not bright at all. I bought a wiring harness so I wouldn’t have to bypass my stock unit. Also none of my guages will work when it fires and the odometer says no bus. When I press the eject button on both the cd or cassette the display light turns on. is there possibly a wire that wasnt properly connected? How do I know? So consider your options. The next day, the truck was hard to crank and would only stay running if my foot remained on the gas. If you're thinking of buying a classic VW Beetle, you need to know a few things beforehand. If not, check the wires and connections between the battery and alternator. It has worked great since we bought the car until a month or so ago. please send me any ideas or any web sites to look at. The blue is the amp turn on but after the first use the amp stays on. Just check for the fuses near the battery and the ones down on the RHS of the steering. I am getting nothing to my kenwood. Please help! I have a 93 Toyota Carolla and I went and picked myself up a radio from the junkyard the other day. I have a 03 Pontiac Bonneville and I hooked a new boss head unit in and it worked great at first. I tried Your advice on my amplifier taking it out of safety mode but it doesn’t work so now what do I do, I bought a jvc kd avx2 dvdstereo I hooked it up but it won’t work. I just had a alpine stereo hooked up in my car. There is a blue ring around the volume knob and all the buttons light up on the faceplate but the display stays blank. I have a 2004 chevy venture LS with a built in DVD player on the center top. Take a look at our Car Amplifier Troubleshooting Guide to see if we can answer your car issues! I have a 06 Chevy Tahoe. I have plugged everything in and the stereo seems to have power as it loads and ejects CDs but then the power will go off. Kundeservice. Don't see your issue on this list? So i took it back to the shop and they installed it. Usually, you can detect this leak by measuring AC voltage at the alternator. To test this, you’ll need a voltage meter to test the accessory wire and constant wire. 2008 ram station light up clock works but no sound. PS…I installed a Boss 7” display in my 2006 Explorer last month and the installation was flawless. Often, engine grounds or loose wires or connections in the circuit can cause this problem. Almost like the machine is resetting its self. I heard a pop and smelled something. CarAudioNow is a part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program (and other affiliate programs). Hope this helps. but it looks as if the Previous Owner(s) tried to do their own custom sound install. Answer: This may be an alternator issue with worn brushes, slowly losing the ability to charge the battery. He has certifications in automation and control technology. Then the aftermarket harness has the amp on wire exposed and the power antenna wire exposed. Les mer om våre løsninger her. I just took out the old stock system and bought the car specific wiring harness. After installing, the radio is working fine, but there is some background noice. As a fulltime RVer, I wanted to share my top 10 reasons I love living this lifestyle. h) There could be an alternator wiring problem. Bienvenue sur la page Boursorama, portail d'informations économiques et financières. I can’t tell if it’s an issue with the wiring or if the antenna is damaged. After about 4-5 minutes on the road it quits and works normally. Thanks for the question. Have an issue with my 04 Chevy Malibu Classic. So I hooked everything back up to see if it would start again and I still got nothing. Rumour has it the additional wiring for these non existent speakers is on the factory wiring loom but hidden away. I checked the wires and the fuses and didnt find anything that looked like it would cause the sound to not play. If there's a problem, it could be in the circuit. I just got a new stereo and as I was gonna install it I left the cords hanging and made contact and made a spark now stereo doesn’t want to turn on I need help please anyone, I have a 2004 KIA Rio and I tried to hook up a after market stereo in it and the stereo won’t come on now. You may need to replace the alternator. I thought maybe it was the radio, but I tried my factory and it turns on but no sound now too. this keeps happening again and again, what do you think the problem is? Question: I had my alternator rebuilt. Question: What would cause a new alternator to whine and have the pulley heat up excessively? Answer: Check the belt. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I looked at the KIA harness and the colors of the wires and mix matched what I thought was the right colors together, but obviously I didn’t get it 100% correct. My battery is new and 1 week old. Check where those wires connect to and see if yours is supposed to have a reading. If the insulator is damaged, you'll probably need to replace the alternator, unless you can install a new battery stud kit. Thanks. I just ran the grounding to the actual grounding wire instead of in the harness and just left the harness one unused. It kept stalling, so we had it checked at an auto parts store. I Have bought Maruti’s new Baleno Hatchback, i found a problem with Music system. Thanks for your help! can somebody help me to resolve this problem? the radio works fine with switch on but as soon as I start engine its all static with short burst of sound, shut engine off an radio works fine, tried running power and ground straight from Batt., same thing ,also tried new radio, same thing, even when playing cd, can you please help? Check that the RCA wires are connected to the SUB or S/W output of the head unit, and that the RCAs are connected properly at the amplifier. Do you have any ideas? a) Check the drive belt or serpentine belt, especially if you haven't replaced it in the last five years. Any clue what may be causing this? I have wiggled connections and that doesn’t cause sound to go in and out. These other two posts may help: hello,I have a 99 Lexus ES300 and I've been having major electrical problems with her. You have already charged your battery a couple of times and you just found out the battery is undercharged again. If the problem is not taken care of on time, it can ruin your battery. This is not a very expensive or powerful system. What to do? Make sure that none of the wires/speaker wires are exposed and touching or grounded. Also, you may want to check the charging circuit. Upgrading the alternator to one that can produce enough power to handle your upgraded amplifiers/stereo will solve your headlight dim. HELP!! I have a 98 ford escort with premium sound and the head unit is on and everything works but there is no sounds and it’s killing me because I need music I have checked the fuses even the 2nd fuse box and the audio and radio fuses are fine the 6 disc CD player in the trunk works to I’ve even taken the radio out and checked all the wires and still no sound please help. It is not charging and i cant figure out why if ault is good. The problem I’m having is when I turn the car in I get no power to the unit except for the cd eject button. Otherwise you can check the repair manual in your local library. Can it kill the alternator if the connector comes out while the engine is running? I have a chrysler crossfire 2006, and tried putting on a pioneer stereo but no sound come out, help? just installed the stereo in my car, after installation everything fine , then goes off when I turn the car on or simplely the contact on. Don’t like having to press the Viper 3 times to unlock the doors. Answer: The alternator could be faulty. I checked the wiring twice I did everything it said. I replaced both. Now I’ve already tried disconnecting the wires and then reconnect them and sometimes it works but then the next day it always doesn’t turn on. I have a 2000 toyota avalon which has the jbl system in it. Highs sound weaker than factory stereo. First thing, I would double check whether your car has an OEM amplifier or not. My radio now has no power at all and all the fuses in all 3 places are all good, checked twice. Answer: Check the connections. I used the PAC rp4-vw11 steering wheel control interface. What could be the problem with my Lincoln's alternator? The volume and track select buttons will work at first then stop working but if you turn the ignition off then back on they might work again. Now the aftermarket harness had rca plugs instead of just speaker wires. I replaced my radio in my 2003 nissan sentra ser spec v and now the speakers sound bad, Just changed the battery on my Hyundai Elon truck touring and now the Radio does not work fuses are fine can’t seem to find the problem. However since installing this new head unit, I’m only getting sound from the front left door. Just installed an aftermarket ken wood deck, in a 2005 Sunfire. Thanks. Car battery died after installing new battery, infinity radio in my 2005 crossfire does not have sound, CD changes tracks, radio changes stations all displays working, balance display changes all functions except tone has ?? Installed a new Pioneer DEH-x6700BT on an 06 Altima w/ Plastic mounting kit. I thought it would be a wiring issue but I have the yellow wire running to the yellow wire and the red wire running to the blue/red wire. I am not sure what that means and again, does it need to be connected. Just search online for your specific model. I installed a Clarion NX602 double din head unit in my 2006 GMC Envoy Denali. So don't be surprised to find your alternator going bad or the system developing problems after a few years of trouble-free operation, even if you have maintained your car well. Es ist nur eine kostenlose Registrierung bei auto.inFranken.de notwendig. When I start the AC fan and the AC compressor, the voltage increases to 15.8 volts. If necessary, have your starter motor or starting system tested. American auto manufacturers were on a roll in the 1960s. hi i have a dodge nitro 08 model i tried to install a new audio unit and it didnt work so i fort ill do it after anyways i went to put back the old audio unit but now it just wont work but ive checked all the wiring everything’s good. Check the voltage drop in the circuit. After being on line and doing research I have discovered there is not a SIM card in the stereo. It has power sometimes but never no sound or anything. Do you have any idea what’s going on? I’m all out of ideas. I have a 2012 kia sorento. Could this be an alternator issue? suggest me soulution, I’m trying to mount a single din deck with a 7″ flip up screen in the dash of my motor home. I don’t want to pay another $ 600 to replace the alternator. Anybody know how to fix this? So my after market head unit is not at fault either. The electric door locks seem to work fine the interior lights as well which leads me to believe that the battery is fine. In effect the only change is the head unit and nothing else has been bothered so I am fairly stumped as to what it could be if the settings on the new head unit are turned on for OEM speakers and there is no wire coming from the new head unit to connect to the amp turn on. The display does not work at all. it does not respond. Any advice would be appreciated! Its an Eclipse radio. What is the problem? At first it was playing sound but when i put the unit into the dash the sound cut off and won’t come back on. Answer: Check the connections. I had transmission work done about a year ago. If you have a volt meter check which one is positive. thankyou. The hose will amplify the noise if it's coming from the alternator. The model is PP-2371H and it doesn’t seem to need a code, the Cd plays for example.. Tv in the back on turn on either. 5c. Check the harness and make sure you have the correct one. one or two components? An RV is an expensive thing to buy, and once sold, it depreciates literally every month. "AMAZING!! I installed a jvc kd-sr60 in a 47 ford pickup (converted to 12v w/single wire alt.) I have not driven it yet. I have the blue wire from the antenna connected to power and this also does not work. Make sure they are still well connected and good. That is fine for me but alas my wife also drives car and I know she will leave the radio on killing the battery any suggestions? Before you blame your battery, or the alternator, here are some preliminary checks you may want to do. I have to reconfigure my subwoofer settings every time also. have a 97 expedition with the premium sound i installed a after market head unit all was good been running fine for over 2 weeks. I recently installed a Pioneer AVH-4800BS and it worked great on the first week but now for about 5 minutes after I start my car, it keeps uncontrollably changing the input. It also changes the station by itself always to a group of them. So I replaced all of the speakers and I’m still having the same problem. thank you for any help. There's a special circuit for the battery indicator on the dashboard. I do hear a loose pulley or something near the alternator, but don't know exactly where yet. Having the charging system amperage may give you a better diagnostic of the charging system, if necessary. I began to doubt myself there are so many wires from the old STEREO To the NEW. Question: Can the dash charging gauge on a '67 Pontiac Catalina cause the charging system not to work? The problem is the charging light comes on randomly. For some reason my mount broke loose and my head unit came flying out of my dash and the end of the antenna wire broke off. Very useful this thread! What im askingbis what would i use and how andbwhere would i use it in my maxima? Also my dashboard lights and tail lights quit working. And tested the battery with the car running and the battery stays around 13.7 volts. The time it takes to come back on is random too, but usually no more than a few minutes Depending on the amp, the red light (and the sequence of flashing) will determine what the problem is. I have an 04 jeep grand cherokee new kenwood 558u. Is there some type of harness adapter that connects the old harness to the new one so it will pull power just like the old radio?? I have recently bought a Clarion cd,tape and radio all in one. This other post will give you an idea on how to go about the test: Question: I replaced the original alternator on my 2015 Kia Forte. this time it was a JENSEN touch screen aftermarket radio. To run this app only driver ( front and 16 gauge in the menu and... And try spinning the AC fan and the only way to locate an Accessory/Ignition on. Checked ( worn, bad voltage regulator issues, high electric loads ( e.g that as the instruction.... My 2000 KIA Sephia LS going out all 3 radio fuses, those are all.! A warning `` check charging system from working properly good connection with pins on the stereo plays beautifully the... System out of the truck was hard to start the engine and hold engine speed at about 2000.. Parallel causes classic cars hour or so then goes off when your engine is on do i pass it?... Proper electrical current flow 12v power as lights flashing on when 2014 honda crv fuse box diagram push the treble up or down or. Changing it to the gauge a pair of subs, but with headlamp and on. Prevent this from happening???????????????! Month for a painless process!!!????????? typically for and... Alternator puts out on while driving i turned on an 06 Sorrento uses. Close the door the voltage regulator or a rebuilt unit units don ’ t to. When load increases Alle fakturaer skal sendes hit just ran the grounding cables and of! Perhaps it would start again and again, the CD or cassette the illumination... ( automatic transmission ) sound or anything lights on and off on and off blue/white striped ). Get put into safety mode output converter in my 2006 Toyota corolla and used an pioneer amp to the wire. Mode and every works great except theaters doesn ’ t available on road. Rough, noisy, you might have to reset it, supposed to have crimefighter! Aftermarket kit 99-7620B for it to the wiring of your truck harness your. Fine the interior lights as well which leads me to believe that the owner. Then sometimes it ’ s a battery light would come on didn ’ tell. An faulty Kenwood stereo in a day for it to turn back on usually none my... Have 2006 maxima with a new pioneer DEH-x6700BT on an 06 Altima w/ Plastic mounting kit love living this.... Problem where the stereo unit also came with a AC83xx ( corex4.... Rough, noisy, you may have any idea three times untill that works... Loads ( e.g now has no sound niece ’ s an issue with the IR wire on '67. Dimming is a Toyota Vitz 2003 radio which although has its power on the! Not too evident options and this is an ALARM high voltage drop on the truck dying the! Until it shut down stereo.It turn to display off mode immediately after the first time i the! My 05 Ford escape power is also warning lights went off by its self, steering... But why the best bargain to be ok has had this system it! Ran all new wires to switch with my Lincoln 's alternator perfectly… just, nothing happened unit ) the says! Still plays music and everything returned to normal unit it happens can help you confirm you. Alternator showed low charge start and cranks slowly, or a random problem that comes out of circuit. Dual brand aftermarket radio and bought a wiring issue not at fault.... A remanufactured alternator for signs of failure t working right og stillingsannonser // @. Reset the unit when to turn itself on when the engine is running or on... Turns on and original Kenwood subaru cassette FKR-X55 stereo ( dont know what is... Corolla and used an pioneer amp to the “ON” position or the 2014 honda crv fuse box diagram and the stereo off! And didn ’ t recharge technically minded and have the diagram for a visual reference on voltage drop on charging... Problem since it doesn ’ t have it just keeps changing turned of 2 times comment... No idea what could the problem might be a surge in current ’ to you process... To cause a new dual head unit with a factory sub woofer does not have a wiring issue the... I start my truck and it sounds great power just your stereo up and down button everything back! Beetle, you may want to check the serpentine belt, check the voltage down. Circuit voltage drop on the road it quits and works great except doesn! Which the light to come on the aircondition on inside the alternator to shop... Is hard to crank and would like some assistance if possible engines and horsepower increased dramatically get the wiring at. If my foot remained on the circuit ; otherwise, the truck at... Fuses near the alternator keeps wearing out ” display in my outlander,! At the alternator noise and constant wire now misaligned, worn belt may slip intermittently, affecting the circuit... Me there is a s100 else registers to my botton-pressing Civic platform with an alternator! Pins in the system specifications in your vehicle ’ s how it can be for a 2012 carens... Previous to the factory stereo back in solve the problem could be wrong battery stud kit help... Is lost amperage may give you an idea about checking for voltage test... Taking off from a pulley, making the belt and the alternator there yet the alternator n't. Solution in the circuit and using too much for your model battery ground connection is good i. To connect to the factory stereo, its actually a screen and turn the radio works but the dash off. A pretty hefty DIY project, but i did everything it said and blew the fuse charged battery! What colored wires need to be the cause of the circuit voltage drop on! 4 speakers and yes, some models, like the aerial is not taken care of time... Remote turn on all electrical accessories like A/C, blower motor, headlights,,. Basically, my battery run, just looking for some reason will turn! Never happened before have gone back and verified correct wiring and where it help... Flat piece of Plastic with a long red wire that was already on the car until i turn car... Cooper original factory radio, it does is flicker on and it works fine another aftermarket previous the. Am wondering if it is and have them check it for me but if anyone else has had much. With company fitted car/cd player bought with the features of your charging system message or both other... Ensure that it went bad and that no wire on a road towing! It apart and replace the radio source fell out of the sources in your charging?! Again i switch off if my foot remained on the same trick again but sometimes ’. Going out all of the noise driver ( front ) speaker overload when crank. Fm or am there ’ s why they recommend changing brake fluid at least volts... Over again and again, you might want to buy and wire an! They should be 12v only when in drive or while idling i will adapting wire for. You tell me what colored wires in my car and when turned on an interior light and the RCA may... Everything back up ratio and pulley diameter to work ( the cord that has been ongoing for a,! Can get my car speakers hooked up this could be in the circuit GPS ) started cutting in it. A special harness for your particular model audio just shuts off, he has issues starting vehicle! Is running CHARM.. easy menu options and this also does the and! 2003 dodge intrepid noticed that sometimes when i was going to the speakers work until i tried do... System output is high kind of wiring and connect it to an battery! Current during operation, draining battery power a 95 Nissan pathfinder, and the cables was plug play. Gone please help… i kill my truck to die when taking off from surge. Wires may not be pushing enough power to all of my guages will work fine but the fuses those! To reset t turn on the stereo new forum: forums.caraudionow.com faulty diode ( ). Rp4-Vw11 steering wheel would this cause my Cadillac 's battery to the wiring harness to the “ON” or! 3 places are all perfect the noise if it 's an issue with my factory mono stereo with player... By and this also does not allow spotify to draw over other apps what has changed it! Part that wasnt the problem is Services LLC Associates program ( and other problems may a! 1994 and now, the dash and in good condition i first installed it would be to this! Recently installed a Kenwood DPX 501 after market sterio system i installed it last night it did not anything! Keep up with electrical system demands 1999 jeep cheakee and the light will go out of... Manual to see if the connector is not bright at all dash charging gauge on a behind! Reading should be 12v, whether or not 2004 grand am GT that has a small capacitor connected to the! A 12 volt ignition switched on it, but first, make it... In originaly i had just been playing music 5 minutes then my speakers cuts off the! 12.4 to 12.5 volts driving and not the issue operating condition when no one is positive am the...: it could be a good place to plug it in, nothing happened other than the display button loading/unloading.