Sears said I would have to pay labor and would cost around 900$. You did say that you checked the freon. Here is the straight scoop: It is the LG LINEAR COMPRESSOR that is failing. The result is more consistent cooling temperatures, quieter operation and lower energy consumption. I would like to be included in this class action suit. I suppose it could be a restriction or maybe the 2-way valve that supplies the two evaporator circuits is not operating properly. We are stuck. This sounds almost exactly like what just happened with us. If not, we will join the class action suit. Linda McCoy. And also changing out the capillary tube that feeds the fridge evaporator, this cap tube is sized for both freezer and fridge to run at the same time which runs good when their both running. You’ll have to pay labor. It’s taken two weeks for a technician to come and replace the compressor, again. Thankfully I used Visa for the warranty purchase and they were able to get my money back. Anyone have any idea what is going on? LG compressor gone today, 1-29-21. I know you said that you checked the refrigerant but do you know that for the Kenmore Elite series appliances (refrigerators) that there is a warranty of Five Years on the Sealed Refrigerant System and Ten Years on the Linear Compressor This is not as good as it sounds. Some how, Kenmore got excluded from this settlement. Your email address will not be published. Is the evaporator getting icy cold?