A light rapping noise might only be a sway bar end-link, whereas a heavy thump is more likely a control arm, control arm bushing or strut mount. Have you tried spinning the wheel out of the bike? Make a note of the optimised pressure. Some customers feel that it is the best MTB rear shock for the price. Grab your rear wheel and push it side to side - tighten anything that's wiggling. My first guess was worn out bushings allowing metal-to-metal contact, broken sway bar end-links, or worn out shock mounts (top or bottom). I just ignored it as performance wasn’t noticeably affected and I was planning on changing the bike in the future anyway. Risse Genesis Rear Shock user reviews : 3.8 out of 5 - 58 reviews. The Italian word “Arma” translates to “Weapon.”If you currently don’t know anything about this company or piece of suspension, that's at least a pretty good starting point. The nitrogen and oil have mixed caused by failure of the seal between the two. 9am-1pm. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The rear shock on my DS mountain bike keeps squeaking? Full suspension bikes use both the suspension linkage and the rear shock to provide control and traction in rough conditions, like through rocky and rooty trails. Editor's Notes. Learn the simple tricks you can do at home to improve suspension longevity, keep costs down and ensure great performance for forks, coil and air shocks. Sounded like air in the system or maybe sucking air... so I took it in … Wishbox * RRP = recommended retail price ** Price may vary depending on country of delivery MTB Shock Reviews #1 RockShox Monarch RT3 Rear Shock. Free shipping. This can be adjusted to firm up or lock out your fork and rear shock. You have either the choice of a rear air shock or a rear coil shock from most of those brands as well as standard or metric shock … Setup is a quick affair. Attila, a Hungarian now living in Switzerland wrote about a clicking noise he figured out, "My bike was making clicking noises when I was out of the saddle, or pushing the pedals hard while seated.The noise had no relation to crankarm position, or cadence, simply when putting pressure on the crankarms the bike made approximately 1-5 clicking noises in some random pattern. ( i have only used rockshox before and they dont say this sound), That squishy sound is fine. Telephone: +49 (0) 2641 - 37 90 60 Mo.-Fr. Press J to jump to the feed. Some (many) hub bearings can be repaired depending on how serious the damage is so a bike shop may not charge a fortune. When I compress my rear shock I get an annoying click once the rear shock is fully extended? However since resting the bike up for a month ive come back to it and the rear shock is making a squishing noise on compression. I ride a Commencal supreme DH V2, all the bearings have been changed (linkage and main pivot) I've replaced the bushings and the rear shock axles, but still the sound persists. ; Do not use a high pressure washer or spray water directly at the seal/shock body junction. This is … Move the suspension through its full travel, and wiggle the rear triangle side-to-side, listening for noises. Photo: Fast Suspension We will honor that trust by making sure that every product we release – from a simple bearing to a four-way adjustable shock – is the best it can possibly be. If you get a loud thump from one side going over large potholes or speed bumps, and the car seems to roll excessively while you're turning the other direction, you may have a blown shock. Both types of suspension pre-date mountain bikes and are trustworthy choices. Forum Rules For rear air shocks, bubble noise or little to no action from the rebound adjustment can indicate there’s air in the oil, and the shock needs to be serviced. We have over 300 brands for bicycles, components, apparel and accessories in our assortment. The noise is sort of a sqeaking/creaking. This lightweight shock is an excellent choice for short-travel XC and trail bikes. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - mtbr.com I've ridden that shock and … Here you have access to over 50,000 products, 20 years of experience, fast shipping, a Trusted Shop and personalised service. 12 watching. Explaining how the most popular designs work, plus their potential advantages or shortcomings 207k members in the MTB community. Worth it/noticeable difference? They appeared on few mountain bikes in the early 90s. Many modern rear shocks are adjustable by air pressure (or coil spring rate), high and low speed rebound, high and low speed compression as well as ramp rate. 09 I dabbed the "shaft" with a little chain lube to see if that would help and it didn't. Owing to the rear suspension shock, your bike (or more exactly expressed the rear stays) "swallows" all unevennesses and rolls smoothly over rough and smooth terrain, larger and smaller bumps. tbh its 111 quid at mojo for a service. The Fox Float X2 seems to function normally, other than the squish noises.. The fork or shock is losing large amounts of air or oil. RockShox Metric Rear Shock Mount Kits Item Specifications Bolt Mount Diameter 10 Frame Mount Width 50 RockShox Metric Rear Shock Mount Kit UPC: 710845794018. Grab your rear wheel and push it side to side - tighten anything that's wiggling. Question. For suspension frames, inspect all the pivot points carefully. Purchase everything your bike needs in the Rear Suspension - Rear Shock Bushings category in our shop. Almost like you can hear oil or air moving through the shim stack etc. DSstyles Downhill MTB Bike Rear Shock Absorber Bike Bicycle Rear Suspension Spring Shock Absorber,Rebound Alloy High Pressure Mountain Bicycle Rear Suspension Parts. Never lube your brakes.. First, check if your wheel is properly attached: Before attempting to silence a squeak, make sure your wheel is properly seated in the dropout of your front fork or rear part of the frame. NEW RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock MTB 165x38 6.5"x1.5" Mid Reb/Mid Comp C2. Shock: The rear suspension on a mountain bike. May have lost performance over the years but the decline has been so slow I’ve not noticed it/got used to it if it has. I have read that it could be the bearings but they seem fine, and the sound comes from the shock. There are several things that could be causing the knocking sound from the rear suspension. Page 1 of 2 - Noisy rear shock - posted in Tech Q&A: Hi Guys, My dt swiss rear shock is squeeking like nobody's business!!! Through normal use, a shock's lubrication and dampening fluids begin to drop in performance. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. With a shiny new bushing in place, it’s time to push the new spacers in. If the rear of your bike feels wallowy and stuck to the ground, bottoming out easily Your shock spring rate is too low. If it starts to leak or not perform correctly, then worry about it, Try r/bikewrench they might have some tips to try before you have to resort to contacting the manufacturer.Sounds like a possible internal seal failure, but I'm really just guessing with limited experience. Classifieds Rules As a general rule, coil-over shocks, even with a titanium spring, are heavier … What should I do?Edit: another clue in the creaky suspension mystery -it is very on and off. If it sounds like a duck / squelching then its cavitated (not the correct term for what’s happened apparently but widely used). At the last trailseeker guys wanted to beat the sh*t outta me for causing such a raquet. Fox Float Rear Shock for Specialized - Relisted. Some websites, like Cane Creek’s, have tools to help find these measurements. This is typically caused by a damaged seal. Mine is making the same noise. Squeaking brakes are one of the few squeaks that you don’t fix with lube. Here you have access to over 50,000 products, 20 years of experience, fast shipping, a Trusted Shop and personalised service. 52 sold. The TwinLoc Suspension System is a proprietary SCOTT Suspension System that allows a rider to control a bike’s suspension performance and geometry simultaneously. Mpn: 00.4118.159.022. by … Still, it squeaks. or Best Offer. Stop adding air when the bike feels good, while still giving full travel when required. https://www.mbr.co.uk/mountain-bike-videos/how-to-sort-creaks-276561 The major functional difference being that a coil shock compresses a steel or titanium springlocated outside the shock body, whereas an air shock has an internal chamber where the compressed air provides resistance. $73.85 $ 73. Bike Air Rear Shock Absorber Aluminum Alloy Bike Rear Shock Suspension Absorber 125/150/165/190mm for MTB Mountain Road Bike Shock 3.4 out of 5 stars 2 £60.09 £ 60 . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Forks Shocks Clearance Forks, Shocks & Seatposts TF Staff Ex-Demo Forks, Shocks & Seatposts Seatposts Fork Springs Rear Shock Springs Fork Parts Shock Parts Seatpost Parts Wheel Parts Shock Mount Hardware Suspension Maintenance Kingdom Parts Saddles Tools Gift Vouchers TF Tuned Clothing Special Offers New Products Best Sellers; SERVICING FREE Shipping. It is suposed to make this sound? Make sure to know your eye-to-eye measurement of the shock your bike uses and the size of the hardware. The Super Steel Spring is the second iteration of the famed Special Alloy Racing Spring, and is made of a special alloy that … If you get a loud thump from one side going over large potholes or speed bumps, and the car seems to roll excessively while you're turning the other direction, you may have a blown shock. Just had mine push tuned, in the information they send back with the shock they state the whooshing is normal as the air/oil move through the channels within the shock. Also maybe pull out the pivot axles and grease them if possible. as its riding well im thinking not. Do not use any solvents or de-greasers as these products can damage the shock's exterior finish. X-Fusion is focused on a simple concept: build high quality, all metal suspension systems that provide a higher level of performance and durability. We offer a wide range of rear shocks for mountain bikes and cycles from leading manufacturers. The optional tool / tube storage mount under the top tube allows for a more secure mounting option than a strap would. 4.4 out of 5 stars 4. EXT provides two springs with every shock sold, which are based on your riding style and bike (which you specify when purchasing the shock). Does it matter? Here we run through everything you need to know about their range from the Deluxe model to Super Deluxe, Monarch, plus coil and air versions too. This noise should scare you because it generally means something on your bike is loose! 10 votes, 15 comments. Stopped there because I didn't want to experiment any further. Contact. – Batman Feb 13 '16 at 15:17. At this time, frames using a rear shock absorber were not very efficient as they tended to bounce (up and down) while pedaling, a movement named kickback or pedal bob. The RockShox rear shock range from SRAM is large and encompasses shocks for many different bikes from cross-country race machines to trail bikes to downhill brawlers. All products are available to buy online or contact TF Tuned on 01373 826800 6. Here are some important bolts to check if you hear this noise: Headset; Front/Rear wheel axles; Pivots (MTB) Derailleur bolt $394.49 (0) Cane Creek Valt Spring. Posted: Aug 4, 2009 at 8:30 Quote: NO IT IS NOT NORMAL. So death doom and destruction on its way? Press J to jump to the feed. Specifications: 150×30 mm.