And if the property was ever redeveloped for retail or housing, DHEC would reclassify the dam as a high hazard structure, meaning its failure would likely result in the loss of life. Students will be able to: Discuss ways people can pollute a water source. Hargett added that the foundation entered a voluntary cleanup contract with DHEC in 2000 and sampled the lake’s water until 2008. This example demonstrates that just as we each contribute to the problem, we can also each be part of the solution. The Ganga River, known as the Ganges under British rule, is one of the most revered waterways in the world -- and also among the most polluted. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, trash can have chemical and biological effects on waterways. Do you think it’s safe? The Yamuna River once had ‘clear blue’ water but now the river is one of the most polluted rivers in the world especially around New Delhi. The nonprofit had to repair the dam in 2001 after a gate unclogged and released toxic sediment downstream. But the study allows us to be shovel-ready should federal assistance come along later down the road,” Hargett said. An industrial operation may accidentally discharge untreated pollutants into a river, or a flood at a wastewater treatment plant may cause sewage to flow into a waterway. “The only other option would be to go after the responsible parties that contaminated the river.”. “Failure would be catastrophic.”. Wyche attorneys embrace the challenge and stimulation of practicing with a remarkably accomplished group of attorneys, and the satisfaction and pride that comes from knowing we are part of a firm that gives clients the best possible service. Then, in 1969, the highly industrial and polluted Cuyahoga River in Cleveland Ohio caught fire, after sparks from a passing train lit oil-slicked debris ablaze. These 'blooms' of algae may produce toxins that harm other life in the river. Unlike many news organizations, Community Journals has made a choice to keep all of our content free and available to everyone. The group, which was established in 1993, holds two cleanup events annually. Point-source pollution is the easiest type of river pollution to correct, as it can be traced to a single source. About 170 volunteers removed 3,500 pounds of trash from the river last year, according to Carson. “We’re not discouraging the development of the mill. Here's why you might see the Reedy River turn neon. Strategies RRWQG will evaluate and promote strategies to reduce contaminant loads from our watershed, and create conditions that support living resources and protect human health. “We just want the mill to be developed responsibly.”. Karen & Lee Duquette walked on the $4.5 million Liberty Bridge which does more than span the Reedy River. The river became the center of Greenville’s growing economy, and by the late 1800s the grist mills had given way to textile mills. While the Reedy River is considered by many to be the crown jewel of Greenville, it has become a receptacle for excess amounts of pollution and litter over the years. Now, the Conestee Foundation, the nonprofit that purchased the lake property in 2000, is trying to prevent the dam’s failure. And this water pollution is alone caused by us, humans. The Yangtze River has become one of the most polluted rivers — if not the most polluted river — in the world. So far, the foundation has spent more than $350,000 on engineering assessments, repairs, and maintenance, Hargett said. It serves as the focal point of Falls Park showcasing mans creativity alongside natures beauty. Decisive evidence of the river’s disregard was the erection of … “We’ve really done everything we can to keep the dam from falling apart.”. Paddling Boyds Mill Pond complete with some very neat History. Lying on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains along the Reedy River, the town of Greenville, South Carolina is an eclectic place. It begins and ends in Falls Park. In collaboration with Friends of the Reedy River, the YMCA developed a master plan, already in progress at the Caine Halter Family YMCA, to improve water quality, quantity, and conservation through a variety of rain gardens and other elements. People. The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, notes on its website that deforestation is a primary threat in the Amazon and one that is a major contributor to global warming. The cleanup effort was organized by Friends of the Reedy River, a Greenville-based nonprofit dedicated to improving and protecting the waterway’s health. The release of ashes and dead bodies in the river is one of the primary causes of water pollution of the Ganga. Over 200 textile factories line the river banks. That’d be great for the area,” Hargett said. Despite years of effort and cleanup, Greenville’s portion of the Reedy continues to be hampered by excessive amounts of E. coli bacteria, which come from the digestive systems of animals and flow downstream from various sources, including cattle farms, leaky sewer pipes, and pet waste. Colonial knew that its Reedy River pipeline was exposed, rusted and missing a protective coating for several years. 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Pollution of the Ganges (or Ganga), the largest river in India, poses significant threats to human health and the larger environment. The foundation was also awarded a $200,000 grant from the EPA in 2011 to perform another major repair. The capital dumps 58% of its waste into the river. But there's a reason why our children still cannot safely swim in the Potomac River and fishermen are cautioned against eating their catch: There are still plenty of legal ways to pollute our rivers.