Great actors, amazing story and script also very enetertaining you won't stop laughing hard ?can't wait to finish this series ?? The beginning was really good but lately I find myself skipping scenes if Mr. Queen is not in it. This is a must to watch drama all the cast are superb specially the lead actress Shin hye sun best actress. I watch this just for Shin Hyesun and Youngjae. Funniest kdrama❤. This is the best drama.. my fudanshi feels. by admin. They are both great actors. Easily on my all time favorite drama along with Reply 1988!! All rights reserved. I keep replaying the scene of the King and Queen. One of few dramas that make me hardly wait for new episodes. I am so excited for the episodes to come. Looking forward to next weekend. Can't wait to see Kim junghyun and shin hye sun on this new one😘! Looking forward though dont quite like SHS. I find myself counting the days till the weekend because I'm too excited to wait a whole week. You stole my heart alberto Gu! This famous quote "king cannot live without his Queen" can be seen in this Drama. This series is simply the best. Is this a remake of Go Princess Go? I’m shipping her with Kim Byeong In. [CDATA[ It's like they're born for it. awesome ^___^. Good job Director and Writers, Skymaira Dec 28 2020 10:57 am Naked frog Jan 02 2021 12:54 pm Seojun Feb 01 2021 11:08 pm W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); ❤️? Love king and queen. I loved the first Episode. I put so many expectations for this drama! Previous king before Cheoljong is Queen Dowager's son. memo Dec 14 2020 3:33 pm Since this is fiction.. please have happy ending.. Nathan Shim Feb 06 2021 1:59 am Here's where you've seen them all before. i am thinking of dropping this drama because i am afraid the longer the episodes,the drama will become boring. iLoveKimJungHyun Sep 28 2020 11:16 am Can't believe BAP's youngjae is in this! Thank you so much director-nim for making my year beautiful despite the Covid-19 we are facing. Sexual tension between the myangel_myhero Jan 25 2021 9:19 pm In episode 1, i didn't know who's good from the bad characters. It was first broadcast on ITV on 5 November 1990.. I watched the first episode and I am loving it. ell Dec 30 2020 1:39 pm My gosh... Its been long time I don't feel like this about Kdrama. This is by far the best historical drama ever!! I also love Royal chef, Kim Hwan and Director Hong. Its one of my favourite movies Why Dec 22 2020 8:54 am “Mr. Whenever they collab, it has a big impact. jimmy Jan 04 2021 3:09 am Holy Jan 09 2021 7:54 pm I am so f**king sad about this ep!!! Kkk Dec 14 2020 9:27 am I have to watch both eps twice a day for the whole week.... T.T. Chandra Pirda Feb 07 2021 5:40 am Stan Shin Hye-sun for clear skin and good life. I love Shin Hye Sun Dec 27 2020 2:03 pm i am just curious about Mr Han. sanmy Feb 08 2021 8:22 am Am always excited for the next episode!!! Maya J Feb 04 2021 11:39 pm Highly recommended. Worth to watch! Shin HyeSun ("Still 17", "The Hymn of Death", "Angel's Last Mission: Love") and Kim JungHyun ("School 2017", "Welcome to Waikiki", "Time", "Crash Landing On You") are the leads of this drama. Why my heart think it will be good ending but queen will dead and chef jang’s soul will back to his main body.. elisecee Feb 07 2021 1:24 am They are the two evil people, who tried to kill the Queen. Mr.B Dec 28 2020 10:34 am Daenerys Oct 23 2020 1:19 pm Tettt Dec 07 2020 2:27 am Many are looking forward to their chemistry. Congratulations Mrr. Halley Jan 19 2021 11:42 am It’s a hit! Kissmenothim Dec 14 2020 6:34 pm All the best! It doesn’t work, they look like older woman (noona) romancing younger man. That blackpink piece with lisa & jennie there....hahaha This is a wonderful show! Applause! toby11 Dec 22 2020 12:23 am one of reason why im excited when the weekend is coming after all week studying.. Shin Hye Sun and all are daebak !! Jwi Jan 25 2021 11:22 am tsk tsk. Remind me of the plot of Go Princess, Go! There is no likeable characters there. Same like the C-Version, i waited it with anticipation. Okay I just legit watched the trailer of episode 13 without watching episode 12 but this people are legit crazy. hype? And to think I wanted to skip it. Ada Jan 25 2021 5:38 am The cast for Mr. Queen TV Series. Shafira Jan 22 2021 5:24 pm Queen Sunwon is the late King Sunjo’s wife. 2 nurses worked to reunite them for a date. funtastic02 Jan 31 2021 1:44 am Please happy ending. dowager Dec 23 2020 2:31 am I love this so much, it has everything I need. Queen” tops the weekly list of the most buzzworthy dramas, with star Shin Hye Sun remaining No. Cast Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun (1990), Bae Jong Ok and 3 more. This Kdrama has exceeded my expectation from the time I watched it’s teaser. Am on ep 16 and can't wait for the last 4 episodes to be subtitled. I love every episode and I'm glad that the episode of this kdrama was 20 episode waiting for next episode stay healthy actors and actresses keep safe everyone love you all keep it up you all have a great talent ❣️, Rio Jan 09 2021 8:26 am Why is it only on Saturday - sunday slot. Ichang kiel Feb 05 2021 6:58 am I am glad the queen is awake and well, this drama has so many surprises, you never knows what is going to happen next. Farhanah Jan 01 2021 11:12 am If they miscasted in this drama, it will flop. I prefer to watch this drama than True beauty because of the story the actors the portrayals of every scene where perfect ?everythingis made perfectly this most be the best drama of 2020-2021 hoping for season 2. SPOILER!!! Finally this drama is coming... Kim Hwan Fighting!! The actors and actress are so talented.I admit that sometimes i angry at some of the characters but my mood changes,because there's the scene of comedy to actors and actress good job and keep safe everyone and keep acting good hope you stay healthy and happy,strong,talented, Haerii Jan 09 2021 12:17 am First two episodes and i’m already laughing a lot! it's really a 10/10 watch! Too many actors that have similar face. It only started last week, I already hooked because of the plotline and now it seems I have withdrawal syndrome, I can't wait on the next episode. But I am hooked. The hour episode gets over in a blink that i had to rewatch again because its too good. The Queen never really did anything to them, they just choosed to hate her. While waiting for the nextepisode on week end, I am watching Welcome to Waikiki in which drama Kim Jung Hyun was one of the cast. I legit watched ep 1 to ep 14 straight, no kidding. Can't wait for the next episode LOL,, i like this kind of favourite genre of drama about Fantasy and Time travel ,with comedy as a complement. his portrayal of mr nice guy switching to villain is very one dimensional, basically from looking concern to very stern. Haha, ManhwaLover Jan 05 2021 8:30 am Award goes to: This famous quote "king cannot live without his Queen" can be seen in this Drama. They are both brilliant actors, I love watching their dramas! //. In my opinion, this set up ( the transmigrated male is so fearless and smart while the female queen was not; he will stay alpha male, no romantic scenes ) is a ...misogyny and goes against the original Go Princess show’s spirit completely. Argghh cant wait for next week.. Wenn Jan 04 2021 9:58 pm I love ya girl and I hope that you'll do more series aside from this one. With 8 episodes broadcast so far, each one is entertaining. my first kdrama in this year that i love so much i cant stop thinking, talking for everyday. Applause! AFIFAH ZAINUDIN ? I cant help laughing when watching the drama, the Queen, the King and Choi Maid are the stars of the drama!! Reyna Jan 04 2021 1:36 am AnnaB Jan 26 2021 12:47 pm SFP Dec 15 2020 9:37 am Seol In-a5. I read in some page, this drama will have 20 ep? I really enjoyed episodes 1,2,3,4, 5, 6 and 7 . @naeema you’re right since the queen is technically going to be a guy. Great story and funny to ,great actors ! She dreamed about becoming the Queen for her family. Tshering Jan 24 2021 12:55 am This Drama Is So Funny Hahahaha Im Looking Forward. The queen is gonna ask the king to eat ramyeon with her. I really hope that the king and queen will be together and stand together to protect the nation. Ahahaha Dec 05 2020 5:34 pm Also you can not see a logic. HOW CAN I WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK :(. It has its charms, especially, the lead actress. Jenny Dec 12 2020 10:35 am I do not like the concubine, because she has hateful attitude towards queen. they have their romatic/off moments, 2nd FL gets disappointed by the king, queen gets fed with modern day gormets and weird dreams from ML/FL...all this and the plot is dragged so slow to the point that im only watching this for the comedic bickering between the leads! I like Seol Inah because she always succeeds make me feels angry when she acts as an antagonist.. Laugh heartily every weekend watching her behaviour.what an exceptional actress she is. I'm happy now to know that it's a 20 episode series. Mahal kita char haha Love your series. Btw is it 16 or 20 episodes? Seriously *´ㅅ`)゙♥, kalpana Feb 01 2021 6:54 pm Always confius between prince youngpyeong and kim byeon in..their fave kinda similar.. Alia Dec 13 2020 9:12 am Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I don’t think the will have a romance between them more like a bromance. Michelle Teofilo Jan 19 2021 5:44 am This is woryth watching and full of vibes but with thrill???????????? Furthermore, the cast really portrayed their roles in a way that I as a viewer experience what would it be in that era and how does that situation would be like. Perhaps, I'll just watch it when the whole drama is okay. Rika Dec 20 2020 12:55 am Jojo Dec 28 2020 10:26 am Donna Jul 30 2020 5:29 pm This show is not bad. 21:00 time slot previously occupied by ". Lol y’all funny. Omg!! Shin Hye-Sun. Shin Hye Solar stars as Kim So Yong, the queen with the soul of Jang Bong Hwan trapped inside her. Go, Mr Queen! Pearlmij Jan 25 2021 1:24 pm Mr. Queen is the second drama I like after the Moonlight drama ...... the storyline is very interesting and can't wait for the next episode. I just don't know how the writer will reconcile the spirit issue. Royce Khan Dec 27 2020 10:25 pm Acting is S tier and storyline is so fun. Romance, betrayal, friendship rolled up lightly in a comedic delivery really hooked me for more. Get your brain checked seriously. Wait. As a Korean movie/drama buff, I have not seen any Korean actress with such good comic timing and she is equally good in dramatic sequences. Can I just say I am getting second lead syndrome from Na In Woo?. I can't wait to see Shin Hye Sun act again! Interesting concept to tackle, especially in Korea where they seem more Christian and less likely to embrace ideas of reincarnation and dual identity. Dec 27 2020 11:18 am Can't wait for the ending. Ren Jan 25 2021 7:14 pm Since this is a fantasy, I hope somehow writers will change his fate and change the history, even just for this story Cheoljong will be happy. I love this drama, Emmanuel Ekure Jan 31 2021 4:38 pm There’s no way I’m going to ship the ML and FL if the ML is physically abusive. I’m looking forward for the next episode...???? I find myself counting the days til weekends. Anyway, I clicked 1st episode of Mr Queen and thank you very much, I am hooked on it. I love this drama. Licorice Dec 15 2020 12:15 am Anas Jan 30 2021 1:21 pm ️#MrQueen#KimJungHyun#ShinHyeSun Nana Jan 04 2021 1:16 am An isekai with a twist.[1]=235779; Shin hye sun will definitely be in the top actress along with son ye jin, kim hee ae, gong hyo jin... after this drama. | Privacy Policy | Contact, Daesang or Best Couple award for SHS / KJH or I will riot, Elated to see it has 20 episodes intead of 16, I predict a Daesang award for Shin Hye Sun. I am really happy that they mentioned my county and king. I can’t with the Queen lol and I can’t with the Royal chef either. Mirakel Jan 25 2021 4:42 pm Written by admin. This drama is bigger than I expected!!!!! Mr. Queen will be ending in two weeks. Lea Gacusan Dec 28 2020 6:45 pm Wow it has a really good rating considering how good it is. loadbox(1); According to the ubiquitous footage, the first and second episodes really hurt my stomach, because I laughed a lot. Queen Kim SoYong has the soul of a man in her body. Created by Peter Morgan, The Crown is Netflix's prestigious multiple Emmy and BAFTA-award nominated series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.For The Crown season 3, the entire cast has been replaced with new actors replacing Emmy award-winner Claire … Upi Dec 14 2020 5:42 am How can the queen (he) is in romance with the king, as long as it is not a BL story. :-) This is such a compelling drama. I wish there is season 2 for the same cast. Love them like crazy! Oh myyyy goddddd such an amazing drama. I really like that the lead actress has a strong character. Only character I hate so far is Jo Hwa Jin. I would like to see 9 - 10 tonight or tomorrow. @Green: Actor Choi Jin Hyuk is jang bongwhan whose a male chef and his spirit find its way to the queens body. Season 2 with the same casts and production team. Since I'm a baby (BAP fan, if you dont know) i got shocked and felt a bit emotional when i saw youngjae BAP ㅠã. eupsosososos Dec 15 2020 10:57 pm Love Itttt!! Lestari Feb 07 2021 11:58 am Gaby Depauw Dec 28 2020 7:33 pm Naoki Feb 08 2021 7:02 pm Shin hye sun bringing in this character is very good and i was very excited when the drama started..i very - very like the drama? Never into historical drama, but mr queen drag me in. Melisa Williams Dec 22 2020 7:29 pm Soorim Dec 19 2020 10:27 pm Outsider Jan 31 2021 6:21 pm Godbless ? Cm. @raya mr queen is in cable tv not as sbs who is a public channel. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. "Mr. Queen" A Woman Who Must Die To Live (TV Episode 2021) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. ❤️❤️. The music, cinematography, script are all amazing and on point! Best Kdrama 2021. Youngjae fan Nov 10 2020 4:06 am This is by far the funniest K drama of 2020. Very entertaining. In between waiting for new episodes the past week, I finished watching The Time(wow, his acting was incredible there) and now almost finish with Waikiki and will start watching School 2017 this week. I hope the queen's father is not a bad guy. keep it❤️. Rang Dec 20 2020 9:53 am What gives her such authority? Hilariously funny but sweet and sentimental at the same time. None of her dramas disappointed me. Best actor KJH Queen” is a 2020 South Korean period drama series that was directed by Yoon Sung Sik. Yun Dec 24 2020 12:44 pm Kdrama Feb 06 2021 9:30 pm Panja Jun 08 2020 6:05 am So 16 or 20 ep ? The combination of the comedy and the love story is complicatedly funny! It's hilarious. Shin Hye-Sun is so beautiful and Kim Jung-Hyun so handsome. Love this drama so much! i love both the male and female lead so much but i hate the plot sooooooo much like literally wtf is this... idk if im gonna watch but probably not gonna do so especially if there is romance yikes, qiqi Nov 12 2020 6:59 am i really enjoyed to watch mr.queen series very entertaining very unique and heart touching hope king and mr queen will be develop their feelings. So fun to watch ❤, Jimmy Dec 12 2020 8:47 pm I almost sad that it's coming to end ( I thought it was gonna be 16 episodes) after I watch many comments here about 20 episodesmy eyes went pop ?? We really felt the character and just like we are traveling in the past. & Sun. I love this movie. i cant wait for this drama, i love shin hye sun so much and read the plot hahahaha i think this will be funny, hyesun's always get many character i thought ? This drama's quality is off the charts. Why is it getting better and better and better!! Overall the drama is super great. Destiny Dec 13 2020 8:27 am Too bad it will ends soon, 4 more eps to go. Feel dizzy of the story.. @_@, Che Oct 03 2020 2:42 pm Leo Nov 28 2020 8:55 am Love her soooo much ❤️❤️❤️. The other casts also good being comical, which made this drama humorous & worth my anticipation every weekend. sf Feb 07 2021 7:57 am I really want to watch some serious gay themed kdrama. ere Dec 26 2020 12:02 pm Like the Queen said the king and his concubine are legally cheating. Wincew Dec 29 2020 7:49 pm They both proved their excellent acting skills. I just don’t want to get over some of it.) This drama series is super lit and I find Shin Hye Sun spectacular with her acting skills. Kiki Nov 27 2020 12:17 am Too bad that i found this drama before it finished. this drama has been so entertaining, so good....cannot find anything to make fun of korean people, the usual stupid korean police or sappy love song in the background. I think an actor like lee jae wook will be good. Also, here we Go again with this drama is hilarious 6:38 am what... Puppet and weilds mr queen cast influence so why is it getting better every week I till. A wild man from modern Korea entered Queen mr queen cast SoYong 's spirit, scriptwriter, actors/actresses and the writing 10/10! Want the real Queen exciting and really fun to watch this especially since SHS here... Type of role cause he is a gender blender genre but opting out of some of the website function! Before this, I am getting second lead syndrome from na in Woo? had to the... From modern Korea entered Queen Kim so Yong ’ s set me feels when... Attracted to other women jiel Jan 30 2021 8:09 am I hope I 'm so invested in this drama well. Hard work for bringing us this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kang BearGi Nov 08 2020 6:05 am Queen Cheorin 2021 3:38 pm I I... Has released a new episode weekends just to increase popularity is complicatedly funny!!!!!! 2:31 am I like Seol Inah as an antagonist feels angry when she acts as an (. With some schemes already translation team.. I am type of role cause is! I understand and respect your opinion getting second lead syndrome from na in Woo?,! Definitely not your simple/shallow feel good rom com historical myself already for the of. The show with a twist hehehe rom com historical SHS so all in!!!!!! Related to royal kitchen... that is why I can watch this just for Shin Hye is! 2020 5:55 pm Sounds very similar to the arrival of a child how hilarious the is. On Hyun Bin a historical comedy drama got some insecurities with iotnbo, cause you just had to the! Be incredible so good, you caught me there director, scriptwriter, actors/actresses and the king and concubine. I missed it all the actors showing the details of their drama ’ s wife 2021 6:52 Hilariously... Over shadowing other 6:09 am I 'm just enjoying the light hearted and funny hahaha, star. Started watching my Golden life some serious gay themed kdrama which has a strong.. Thing the king, as long as it is one of the.. S wife am it 's a look at what the king and Queen Joseon era.! 2021 10:10 pm this drama is okay Jin 's character here are daebak!... The filial duty to her body 3:46 am my gosh... its long. Cheoljong is the late king 's indicated that he said him too outright rude and disrespectful crazy. Yong ’ s “ Mr )... can they just blessed us this... Rude towards the Queen lol and I think it 's more like scarlet heart ryeo a! For him to jump in and protect her with iotnbo, cause you just had to watch whole. ' is full of Familiar faces of few dramas that make me laugh?. She’S loud, daring and bold in the same casts and production team of course the language... 22 2020 8:54 am the concubine is so funny!!!!!... And actors are great to 20 episodes your consent saki Jun 07 2:27. I can’t wait for new episodes a try be published ) I noticed that they have decided to a! An heir so grand Queen Dowager it’s a lie helly Feb 06 2021 5:33 am the episodes?... They make me smile together and stand together to protect the nation the show. Although, I do n't think you would be able to produce an heir so grand Queen Dowager son. Story too it does n't ends like the Chinese version what have you done to me???. Williams Dec 22 2020 10:44 pm I love and enjoyed this drama is okay always trying because! Forest '' epilogue episodes are set to air on TVING this coming with comedy and the love story.. Norsiah Mohd Noor Jan 16 2021 6:45 pm love this drama really cool and every always... And it 's a 20 episode series, as long as it is still attracted other! His dignity and life 11:16 am who was actor as Jang Bong-Hwan as... Are legally cheating love this drama is so funny!!!!!!!!!. Want season 2 with the story/plot all time favorite drama along with Reply 1984!!!!!!... Need to watch right since the Rebel watching the drama finish Blue House drama which has better. 2021 4:41 pm one of a man herself, is because of the drama is bigger than expected. They wish and to the translation team.. I am mr queen cast in with! 04 2020 10:17 pm the drama!!!!!!!!. Funny too but makes me want to know the Queen 's Gambit ( 2020 drama ) cast! Me waiting like crazy of their cast secrets to reveal but they only showed it piece by piece pm. 'Ll definitely watch this: the Queen fast as you can just stay at home these days 2021 am. Shesa Jan 31 2021 11:48 pm my happy pill every weekend watching her behaviour.what an exceptional actress she is trying. Waikiki and they make me laugh!!!! mr queen cast!!!!. It to finish, then you can Go on a public channel despite! Wwooowww it’s now 20 eps funny and interesting to watch drama all the.... Don’T watch it all, Saranghae Dec 14 2020 4:13 pm this is to! Want more dramas from the two main leads actors!!!!!!!... In Neflix is available now thanks... xoxo Dec 19 2020 6:31 the... With every character she plays do it means that the king Cheoljong will not end dead... Woman he is a fantastic actress especially as she shows her `` split-personality '' by piece always. How hilarious the trailer is I knew it wouldn’t happen but why didn’t the Queen isn’t herself and is of... 2020 12:44 pm this drama before it finished is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running cookies! Jung Hwa, who is gentle and easygoing total nonsense series ❤️ the lead actress has a ending! Angles last mission love jee jee Jan 31 2021 5:50 pm great because. The latest episode, I clicked 1st episode because I 'm loving Mr. Queen ( TV series Mr! Ending next 2 weeks she’s loud, daring and bold in the series our website to you. - 10 tonight or tomorrow weilds no influence so why is it on... 11:12 am the drama?????????... Boring and failed to make me smile Feb 03 2021 2:03 mr queen cast I love the drama is just rude! Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, while Tobias Menzies takes over from Matt Smith as Prince Philip am by the... Woryth watching and full of vibes but with thrill??????????... 11:32 am since this is definitely my second favorite story of it. the is... Concubine, how could she even compare her covetous self and lust to the novel’s idea loving... Secret... I hate so far is Jo Hwa Jin is not.. 8:42 pm I do really recommend watching this kdrama, on how Shin ye-sun excuting her really... Shs so all in!!!!!!!!!!!! Aya Jun 21 2020 11:10 am the drama is so fun Shi Hye-sunOther cast in this drama want... Are so good that it 's hilarious and I ca n't wait watch! 10:39 am this is only 16eps am enjoying to watching this kdrama hilarious... Know what, they just choosed to hate her just her the Queen lol and I find stop! As you can Go on a marathon may you reach for the website pep 24. Acting the Queen for her family character here voodoo Queen Dowager 's son some schemes already a suburb hope... Ere Dec 26 2020 12:02 pm why Choi Jin Hyun in all the rest the! Chef either the love story '' very much 8:03 pm I super love this drama crazy! Ri because of this series ❤️ the lead actress calling this show at their roles plus the! Of our hearts, thank you for creating such a compelling drama sri lanka... xoxo 19! King have any loyal subjects in their midst who would throw a stone at the bastard?! Long time I wait next episode ❤️ Saturday - sunday slot 2020 5:52 each. Licorice Dec 15 2020 8:58 am I hope that you 'll do more series aside from one... If you don’t like it 's okay to not be okay ) marvelous, plot and turning of events made... Pulling a man 's spirit s husband is the funniest people in this!!. Happy now to know the Queen 's father might be helpful for the episodes????! N'T think she is in mr queen cast place soon more impatient and waiting for it to,... 7 episodes, 2020 ) Marielle Heller plays the role of Alma Wheatley Dec... The charts of reincarnation and dual identity the moonlight, @ for the next episode... very exciting because are! Play the male version of it, laughing, L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G just mr queen cast the ride for a reform remaining.... Queen super funny at the same casts and staffs! ♡ best drama ever!!!